DJ Doctor Nate is foremost two things: a time traveler and a true connoisseur of fine music. Hop in the Tardis and sift through the wormhole to a bygone era or stay right in the now. Whether it’s a roadside juke-joint, a prohibition speakeasy, or a space age lounge; it’s whenever/where ever you wish to travel today.

Not only does Dr. Nate’s flux capacitor is ready to quantum leap your guests with the most advanced sound equipment. No matter how large or small your event, rest assured, Dr. Nate has the technology.

DJ Dr. Nate is an Eagle Scout and he always comes prepared. Need an MC to fill in the gaps and make important announcements? No problem. DJ Dr. Nate is personality plus and smooth enough for two.

Are you worried that you and your fiancée will have four left feet at the wedding celebration? Well, guess what? Nate’s rhythm extends to the art of social dance as well as sweet beats. He can help turn you and your future spouse into Fred & Ginger just in time to show off on your big day. Got a swing event? Need someone to give a dance lesson and get those wallflowers on the dance floor? Nate can catch ’em up with the basics with his simple coaching.

Dr. Nate is a man of many faces that he keeps in a jar by the door. Does your event involve space aliens, cowboys, or comic book characters? Nate is ready to dress for the role of your themed event and provide the musical atmosphere to enhance the unique world you have envisioned.

DJ Dr. Nate serves the greater Los Angeles area with his assortment of audio delicacies and can be booked for time warps worldwide depending on availability. He provides competitive rates to all his clients.

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