EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to you for an amazing job at our wedding last night. I was loving the music and the pacing. You started Bowie’s “Heroes” at just the right moment when we went to cut the cake, it almost made me weep!” – Kastle Waserman

“Dr. Nate was a great help in every aspect of our wedding music, from the first song as the guests arrived, to the last dance song of the night!”– Michael Sheffield

“Dr. Nate did a fantastic job getting us ready to dance for both our son’s and daughter’s weddings!”– Patrick Forrester


He’s just the remedy for your wedding day jitters. Everything is taken care of: pre-ceremony guest arrival, background tracks for singers, and specific ceremony songs. As a former radio DJ, Nathan is highly versed in the art of cuing up complex lists to be played, stopped, or cross-faded at specific times.

Reception MC

Set the mood as your guests arrive to your reception. DJ Dr. Nate loves to MC and his equipment can be used by the wedding party for their toasts, dedications, speeches, and roasts! After the ball is over you’re gonna have sore feet. Let Nate know if you have your own mix, a specific vintage theme in mind, or an amalgamation of unlikely styles.

Wedding Dance Lessons

DJ Dr. Nate is an experienced hoofer. He can even choreograph your first dance together. How about a nice waltz or some basic swing dancing?

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